Glass Dome

The glass dome structure can be built to any size and be used in many ways, such as entertainment, business, or residence. The most interesting thing about it is that it is light weight and can be assembled easily, plus it is environmentally friendly.

Glass Dome is an innovative glass partitioning element that can be customized to any shape, size or use. The most common design uses a glass dome with a base frame and top cap, The glass element can be customized to suite specific environmental needs such as consolations and UV protection.

Advantages of Geodesic Domes

By virtue of its shape, geometry and structural system, Fuller’s geodesic dome has the following inherent advantages:

  • It is structurally simple once modular designs have been prepared for assembling into a specific plan.
  • Industrially capable of mass production according to modular sizes of members and fittings.
  • The components are light weight and easy to handle and transport, it is also simple to erect the domes with these components.
  • The structure is inherently strong.
  • It can be adopted to very large diametrical domes.

We offer the following:

  • The main structure (aluminum).
  • Covering material (single or double glass)
  • One aluminum door.
  • Two aluminum windows for ventilation.
  • Structural studies.
  • Electrical and mechanical works.
  • Interior works and partitions.
  • Furniture
  • Other covering materials.

Everything to know about the dome structure you need, we have already covered. If you have a dream project that lies in your mind but don't know how to execute it, contact us today! you might end up with the construction model of that.